Meet Our Rescues

Permanent Residents and Available for Adoption

Willie “Bit O’ Luck”

Willie25 Year old Gelding
American Saddlebred
25 year old Gelding
American Saddlebred
15.2 hands
well trained but not up for adoption
Willie is namesake and heart and soul of Bit O Luck. He is a legacy horse.

Fight Talk

Fight Talk29 Year Old Mare
16 hands
Raced many times in the late 80’s
She, too, is a legacy horse.


Janie30+ Year old Mare
American Show Horse
15 hands
Had been adopted, but returned to us after sustaining a leg injury.
Not available for adoption.



13.5 Hands
Green Broke
Very People Friendly and is adoptable for experienced rider/trainer. He needs a job to do. He is a very nice horse, but just not sure of his place yet.


Sadie20 Years Old
Quarter Horse Mare
Sadie is can be ridden, but has some arthritis in front leg.  Adoptable for light riding….no barrel racing!!


cassie15 year old mare
American Saddlebred
15.5 hands
Suffers from EPM, a disease which affects the central nervous system. She cannot be ridden.


Dolly25 year old
Quarterhorse Mare
15 hands
Crippling arthritis prevents her from being ridden.


Hope30+ year old
15.2 hands
Just acquired her last summer.  Not sure of her riding ability.


Quinn20+ year old
15 hands
Quinn is a cribber. She is a legacy horse.

Although we don’t have many horses available for adoption, some can be leased and all can be sponsored.  Leased horses, however, must stay on the premises.


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