Sponsoring a Horse

Sponsoring a horse is one of the ways you can support Bit O’ Luck’s efforts. Through a monthly donation of $50 or more, one of the residents of Bit O’ Luck will become your ‘sponsor’ horse, and you will receive a new photo and monthly sponsor update detailing goings-on at the farm. Your donation will be applied towards the horse of your choice, or we will apply it towards the care of a horse we know to be in the greatest need.

Regular sponsors are the lifeblood of Bit O Luck’s efforts, and we are very grateful to sponsors, as we could not do it without your support. The average cost of taking care of a horse can be $200 to $250 or even more (such as when special medication is needed, or special food and care) per month.

Your sponsorship support can be 2 months, 3 months, 6 months or a year. Please note: Bit O’ Luck does not offer one month sponsorship’s. We are happy to accept ongoing monthly donations to sponsor your horse, but we must receive your monthly donation by the 25th of each month in order to send your updates to you.

Gift Sponsorship’s

Interested in giving a sponsorship as a gift? A gift sponsorship is a special way of showing you care to a special someone – the recipient will receive an announcement of your generous gift along with a photograph, short biography of `their’ rescue horse and a certificate of sponsorship, all for only $40.00! A gift sponsorship is a one time donation for one gift only. You can arrange for your gift sponsorship online through PayPal or by mail.

All of the Adoptable Horses and Sanctuary Horses are in need of sponsors. Go to our Facebook page and meet all of our horses. Choose the one you would like to sponsor. Then download the sponsorship form. If paying by mail, please print it out, fill out all information and send the completed form along with your donation to:

Bit O’ Luck Horse Rescue

P.O. Box 2752

Huntersville, NC 28070

*NOTE: If paying by PayPal, feel free to use our donate button in the bottom left corner.  Thank you!

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